The Cyclone is the unit for high-productivity and reliability in a battery-powered floor scraper. It is designed much like the propane powered Hurricane. Everything from glued down carpet and ceramic tile to hardwood flooring and VCT are no match for this versatile heavy-duty machine. Utilizing a patented “twisting” blade-bar design, your blades and tooling stay flat with the floor.

The blade remains flatter to the surface to continue scraping with less reverse maneuvers for “re-bites” during removal jobs. Your left hand joystick controls the blade height and angle. The single joystick in your right hand is for direction and speed control. 

The double front casters make this scraper easier to transport. Its 220 volt, single phase battery charger recharges the Cyclone batteries overnight. With eight hour plus run time, this means reduced down-time or the need to trade out batteries.  A 110v charger is now also available for easier charging access when 220 isn’t available and fast charging isn’t required.


Technical Data
Item: Cyclone
Engine: Battery Powered!
Maximum speed: 350 feet/minute
Dimensions: 51.5″ X 26″ x 63″
Machine without 6 batteries 2,080 lbs
Removable weight:  Side weight covers are 64 lbs each 720 lbs of batteries for transport only
Pushing weight (no batteries or side weight covers) 1,232 lbs
Total weight: 2,800 lbs
Price: Call 866.636.7763 for quote