Even though the Lightning is the smallest scraper in our fleet it is Superior to any machine in its class. At 200lbs heavier with more total removable weights and close to 3x as fast as the competition it’s easy to see why it’s the prefered choice. Designed for large area surface removal the Lightning is still extremely mobile, and will make short work of tough floor removal jobs. At 2085 lbs it can take up a wide variety of thick coatings, floor coverings including carpet, VCT, ceramic tile and hardwood as well as waterproofing membranes.

The single joystick used for direction and speed control provides precise steering and maneuverability no other floor scraper can offer. Your left hand controls the joystick to tilt the blade height and angle without getting out of the seat or stopping movement of the scraper. Our patented “floating” blade design ensures your blade stays flat on the floor even when running over debris. Like our other floor scrapers the Lightning is designed with the ability to lock the blade bar from tilting so you keep your blades flat on the floor. Especially important on ceramic tile removal with the 2” carbide. If allowed to tilt and a corner digs into the floor you have damage to the concrete but can also break the carbide off the tooling.

The 25 hp Kohler Command engine used on the Lightning now has Electronic Fuel Injection. This means maximum fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and easier starts. Just turn the key and go. The engine is also outfitted with an exhaust scrubber/purifier to reduce emissions. This engine delivers the power and reliability that’s demanded in today’s workforce

Increase your efficiency, scope of work at the same time minimize insurance costs and get the right tool for the job. All of our reps that you talk to have owned, operated and have hands on experience with the equipment. Give us a call and let us show you why we are Superior in service and offer a Superior Scraper.

Technical Data
Item: Lightning
Engine: 25 HP Kohler Propane EFI
Maximum speed: 330 feet/minute
Dimensions: 51.5″ X 26″ x 55″
Machine without weights: 1,415 lbs
Removable weight: 670 lbs
Total weight: 2,085 lbs