The Twister is the unit for high-productivity, low emissions, and reliability. It was designed for large area surface removal while still able to drive through a standard size doorway. The Twister significantly reduces the amount of time and effort required to remove a wide variety of thick floor coatings, coverings and waterproofing membranes. Glued down carpet, hardwood floors, VCT, and ceramic tile are no match for this versatile and heavy duty machine.

The heavy duty hydrostatic drive system is driven by a powerful 1.6L liquid cooled Hyundai EFI propane engine. The engine is EPA and CARB compliant and is outfitted with an exhaust scrubber that reduces emissions. Optimum drivability is achieved through a single steering joystick handle in your right hand. The two-way blade positioning capability is easily utilized with the single handle in your left hand. This allows the operator to place the blade in the best possible angle for removal of all flooring products without getting out of the seat or stopping movement of the scraper.  

Our patented floating blade-bar design allows the 24” blade bar to twist to keep the blade in full contact with the surface it is scraping, even while the rear tires are driving over the debris on the floor! This reduces the time needed to reverse the machine and get another “bite” at the flooring. Our latest design allows this “twisting” feature to be disabled in the event that the operator desires a rigid blade bar.

Although the machine is 4,200 lbs, it is a compact design that allows for the removal of 2000 pounds of integrated weights. This allows for elevator access.

Technical Data
Item: Twister
Engine: Hyundai 1.6L EFI
Maximum speed: 500 feet/minute
Dimensions: 73″ X 26″ x 63″
Machine without weights: 2,182 lbs
Removable weight: 2018 lbs
Total weight: 4,200 lbs
Price: Call 866.636.7763 for quote