Hurricane Floor Scraper

The Hurricane ride-on floor scraper is so-named because it is quick, agile, and an excellent choice when high removal rates is desired for a large area removal project.

The propane-powered Hurricane floor stripper efficiently reduces the time and effort needed for stripping variety of floor protectors, floor coverings, and waterproofing membranes, everything from kitchen vinyl flooring to glued down carpet, ceramic tile and hardwood.


  • Fast Speeds: The Hurricane is just the right balance of weight and power for its size. It is fast, agile, strong and versatile enough to tear down any floor coverings including: VCT, laminates, Ceramic tile, Terrazzo, Glued down Hardwood, poured rubber floors, waterproofing membranes, etc.
  • Single Joystick: The Hurricane comes with the same single joystick steering as in the Lightning, Storm and Twister floor scrapers. The single joystick is for steering, direction and speed control.
  • Triple Blade Action: The patented twisting blade bar in the Hurricane helps keep the blade flat to the floor’s surface during scraping. Can also be made to lock into place if necessary, to keep from twisting.
  • Powerful 25 HP Engine & Reduced Emissions: The Hurricane’s engine received a major upgrade prior to 2015. It’s new 25 HP Kohler engine comes with an Electronic Fuel Injection system, meaning maximum fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and easier starts. No more pulling on the choke cable, you can get to work at just the turn of the key. Exhaust scrubber/purifier helps to reduce emissions.
  • Removable Weight: With the total net weight of 2800 lbs., the Hurricane has all the extra weight necessary for large and tough projects but comes with the ability to strip off almost 1300 lbs. when it is needed for, say elevator access, or to get it into office buildings with weight limits per sq. ft.

Strip the Hurricane and take it with you to the 2nd floor and up for your commercial office building projects.







Item: Hurricane
Engine: 25 HP Kohler Propane EFI
Maximum speed: 440 feet/minute
Dimensions: 51.5″ X 25″ x 57″
Machine without weights: 1,300 lbs
Removable weight: 1500 lbs
Total weight: 2,800 lbs
Price: Call 866.636.7763 for quote
Item: Lightning
Engine: 25 HP Kohler Propane EFI
Maximum speed: 330 feet/minute
Dimensions: 51.5″ X 26″ x 55″
Machine without weights: 1,415 lbs
Removable weight: 670 lbs
Total weight: 2,085 lbs

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