2-45DTM (Concrete / Asphalt)


Blastrac’s 2-45DTM truck-mounted shot blaster is one of the most adaptable and productive of the large horizontal blast cleaning machines in our equipment line. The DOT highway approved vehicle is completely self-contained and specifically designed for surface preparation specialists doing jobs that require limited downtime, such as airports, highways, bridges and other large projects. The 2-45DTM provides a virtually dust-free, environmentally friendly work environment for the operator and others on the same site. The remarkable 2-45DTM converts from a transport to a high production, environmentally friendly, shot blasting road machine.

Specialty contractors can drive to the job with all equipment, personnel, and supplies safely in a single vehicle. All controls, dust collection, spares, consumables, and the blast head, are protected in an enclosed truck body equipped with a lift-gate. Work is started after quick mounting of the blast head, converting the over-the-road vehicle to effective work machine.

The 2-45DTM shot blaster is perfectly suited for road maintenance, asphalt retexturing, bridge deck preparation, airport maintenance and much more. It is also designed for skid resistance enhancement on roads, bridges, and runways. Road/runway markings removal or compounded-rubber removal can also be completed with virtually no dust, debris or water.

Package Options:

A. 2-45D Package: Includes blast head; dust collector and blower; adaptor kit for rear or front
mount: To be assembled by a certified hydraulic specialist on a customer’s vehicle that will meet or exceed Blastrac’s criteria.

B. 2-45DTM Turnkey Package: as above (2-45D) and also includes truck with full assembly by Blastrac factory specialists. Starter Kit: Initial charge of steel abrasive, magnetic broom 32 in. (800 mm) and blast head maintenance kit.

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Features & Benefits

  • Prepares up to 38,750 sq.ft/hr (3,600 m2/hr) on concrete or asphalt (relevant to hardness and asphalt mix)
  • Magnetic/air-wash dust collection system for separating contaminants from abrasives with containment and disposal of debris
  • 2, 40HP (30kW) hydraulic blast motors
  • Versatile, heavy duty and highly productive machine
  • Flexible use for any job site, no trailers or special transport required
  • Designed for optimum use on asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Uniform 45 inch blast pattern for consistent results

Technical Specifications

Name Description
Blast Wheel Power 2, 40 hp (30kW) hydraulic motors
Work Speed Maximum up to 3 mph (4.7 km/hr)
Working Width 45 in. (1,150 mm)
Blast Head Weight 3,858 lbs (1,750 kg)
Dimensions L 59 in. x W 51in. x H 51in. (1,500 mm x 1,300 mm x 1,300 mm)
Blasting Capacity Up to 38,750 sq.ft/hr (3,600 m2/hr) on concrete