Baby Mammoth Grinder


Not so much a “baby”, this 27” sweeping width version of the Mammoth comes packing a punch.

Running strong with a 10hp motor and ample weight for aggressive cutting and grinding at almost 750 lbs., the Baby Mammoth grinder can take on jobs from 1,000 sq ft up to 10,000+ sq ft with no problem.


  • 100% Double Gear-Driven: The Baby Mammoth floor grinding machine is designed with dual gear-driving, planetary grinding. 100% Gear driven and fully enclosed assembly eliminates belt and tensioner issues found on the other floor grinders.
  • Aluminum Alloy Gearbox: The gear box made of aluminum offers incredible stability and reliability to meet the demands of any construction site for better grinding performance.
  • Plates: The Baby Mammoth concrete grinder is crafted with three grinding plate heads, 8″ diameter each, a total of 27” working width, and can work at speeds ranging from 300 to 1980 rpm. Covering up to 650mm grinding areas to meet the demands of any construction site, although operates best in larger areas.
  • 8 Gallon Water Tank for Wet Polishing: Features an 8 gal water tank for wet grinding. Also serves an additional weight to the already impressive weight of 748 lbs of the electric concrete grinder.
  • For Dark Areas: It is equipped with a LED lighting system, which ease navigation and operation for the operator in dark areas. Also USB connection support for charging your cell phone and smart devices to always be available to support your clients while you’re at a project location.
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Pad/brush diameter 27″ Sweep Width
Plates 3 Head (8″) Diameter
Motor RPM:300-1980 Inverter: 10HP Motor
Amperage 15.5
Voltage 220 Single Phase
Machine Weight 748 lbs.
Width 54″
Length 36″
Height 48″