Mammoth 800 Floor Grinder


The Mammoth 800 is a large-scale integrated floor grinding equipment & polishing machine, also top of the Genie line of concrete grinders.

The Mammoth 800 floor grinder makes for a great surface prep and polishing machine. The high-powered 20HP motor driven machine leads four grinding heads running in different directions, and offsets the traction effectively between the grinding heads to make the operation smooth and steady. The same work area between the two grinding heads enhances the scope pads to make the operation more effective.


  • Plates: The Mammoth 800 concrete floor grinder- is a 32” working-width grinder available in either a 3 or 4 head version. Adjustable 25 lbs. side weights on hydraulic cylinders can be raised and lowered for extra head pressure when needed.
  • 100% Double Gear-Driven: Like its smaller counterparts the Mammoth 800 floor polishing machine is 100% gear driven. It is designed with dual gear-driving, planetary grinding. 100% Gear driven and fully enclosed assembly eliminates belt and tensioner issues found on the other floor grinders.
  • 8 Gallon Water Tank for Wet Polishing: Features an 8 gal water tank for wet grinding, also helps cool and keep the machine’s temperature down.
  • For Dark Areas: Includes a magnetic, high powered LED light for working in corners and dark areas that can be moved anywhere on the grinder, a USB connector to charge your cell phone and be always available to support your clients.
  • Magnetic Plates for Quick Tool Changes: Round Metals & Traps easily snap in place and stay locked due to magnets. To remove, use a thin blade flat screwdriver place in slot between segment and plate and push outward.
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Pad/brush diameter 32″ Diameter
Plates 4 Head (9″) Diameter
Motor 15/20 Horse9ower
Amperage 20-30 Amps
Voltage 220/380/460v
Machine Weight 1102 lbs.
Solution tank capacity 8 Gallons
Width 31″
Height 47″