Storm Floor Scraper


Designed specifically to solve the problems contractors face on every removal project. We see it now on more and more job sites, they are requiring battery vs Propane powered equipment. You also face a restriction on available power. 110v is readily available on 98% of projects which is why the Storm was build with a smart on board charger and AGM batteries. Just plug it into a standard outlet. You have No spills, corrosion ect to worry about with these zero maintenance batteries.

Here is a breakdown on some of the other features that make the Storm a Superior Scraper:

Key features:

Double caster wheels: This allows the machine to be more stable vs competitors who have a single caster which has a higher chance of tipping and causing damage or injury. It also allows us to have an overall shorter machine to fit into more areas others can’t because of size or lack of maneuverability.

Locking blade bar: We have all had this happen. You’re tearing along and bam! The blade tilts and the corner gouges in and your production goes to nil. An effective blade is sharp but also flat on the floor. The ability to lock the blade in place ensures you get more production, longer lasting tooling and less damage to the substrate.

Tool box: This is built on the back of the Storm and is 6”x6”x24” Designed to hold everything from your blades, wrench, hand grinder, gloves, safety glasses and has a rubber latch so nothing spills out.

110v on board Smart charger: Has an app that syncs with the charger and can give you real time charging history that logs the last 30 charges. Information like run time, charge time, amps & volts replaced and/or used are all extremely helpful.

Single joystick: This is often overlooked but a key feature I love. Driving the Storm allows you to make small changes to the angle of the blade as you are driving. Other scrapers driven with 2 handles forces you to stop, adjust and then continue.

Easy maintenance: Zero maintenance batteries leaves you with a hydraulic filter and fluid to change every 250 hours.

Daily maintenance we suggest you do: Check for loose bolts or missing cotter pins and replace or tighten as needed. Make sure there are no leaks or damage from the last use and repair if needed.

Save time and $$ with a Superior Scraper.



Technical Data
Item: Storm
Motor: 4 HP 110v Charger
Travel speed: 250 feet/minute
Dimensions: 52″ x 25″ x 57”
Runtime 6-10 hours
Removable weight: 550 lbs
Total weight: 2620 lbs