Ultra Genie Floor Grinder


When thinking high reliability and high stability, think Ultra Genie

The Ultra Genie Floor Grinder is an upgrade to the Concrete Genie for completing indoor and outdoor floor renovations and repair projects. The machine can reach up to 1200 rpm in speed with high stability and can cover 595 mm of grinding area for high reliability in small area constructions.

It is built to the highest standards and specifications of the market for professional contractors to use in removing epoxy on the floor, leveling uneven slabs, to create a new aggregate look, to prepare a floor for the application of sealers or paint, to clean up split concrete, plaster or other materials on floors, polish concrete and removing old paints.


  • Single Gear-Driving: The Genie floor grinding machine is single-gear-driven from the top of the shaft to the two grinding heads. Crisscross triple grinding heads utilize both gears & belts, and from the motor to the shaft you have a set of 2V belts. This makes for easy replacement of the belts and eliminates the need for lengthy lower belt changes.
  • Morflex coupler equipped grinding heads contour the concrete while grinding and polishing: For flexibility while operating on a not-so leveled floor.
  • 9 Gallon Water Tank for Wet Polishing: Features a 9-gallon water tank for wet grinding. Also serves an additional 50lbs of head weight to the already impressive weight of 375lbs of the electric concrete grinder. A waterproof cover helps ensure that the Genie’s internal system is well protected.
  • Kickstand: Kickstand on the back of the handle helps stand the machine horizontally to the ground when you need to change the diamonds pads. This keeps the hand grips from rubbing off on the floor and the other components on the handle.
  • XPS Magnetic Plates for Quick Tool Changes: Round Metals & Traps easily snap in place and stay locked due to magnets. To remove, use a thin blade flat screwdriver place in slot between segment and plate and push outward.
  • Built For Low Maintenance: The Genie was designed for efficiency, comfort and easy use in any working environment. Always wipe the machine dry after each use and keep machine in dry building. Also, always check that there is no damage to the power supply cord.


Pad/brush diameter 27″ Diameter
Plates 2 Head
Motor 10 Horsepower
Amperage 30 Amps
Voltage 220v single phase
Machine Weight 440 lbs.
Solution tank capacity 6 Gallons
Width 27″
Height 47″