Xtreme Hard 2 Densifier & Sealer (32oz)



Product Code: XHSD32OZ-2


The next generation in concrete floors all in one densifying and sealing, Xtreme Hard 2 penetrates a slab of concrete to impregnate the surface with Xtremes hybrid formula and transform it into a long lasting, stain resistant floor, and retardant for microbial growth.

Xtreme Hard 2 is a system of colloidal silica, potassium, titanium dioxide that densifies and seals preventing dusting and increases the durability of concrete floors. It is designed to be used in the process of concrete polishing to seal, increase reflectivity, and finish concrete floors.


Technical Data

Drying Time 20 mins to 1 hour
VOC Content 0 g/l
Total Solids 18%
Active Ingredients 100% of total solids
PH 9
Freeze Point 32F
Slip Resistance Meets NACE certified floor friction coefficient
Shelf Life 2 years
Coverage 400 – 600 SF/gal
Density Makes it 6 – 10 times more wear resistant
Depth of Surface Penetration 4 – 10mm