Storm Floor Scraper

Suitable for small to medium sized rooms, Storm works efficiently for removal of VCT tile, carpet, sheet vinyl, adhesives, coating, and more, and is fast becoming the top choice for Professional contractors around the globe.

The battery-powered Storm floor stripper was designed specifically for when contractors have to work where propane-powered scrapers are not allowed or not suitable. One of the most efficient and versatile battery scrapers, the Storm floor removal tool is loaded with AGM batteries, 110v charger & more removable weights.


  • Zero maintenance batteries: Zero maintenance batteries leave you with a hydraulic filter and fluid to change every 250 hours. No spills, no corrosion!
  • Double caster wheels: This affords the machine greater stability as opposed to single caster electric tile scrapers. The Storm is also able to be driven effortlessly through the hallways and standard size doorways with ease and greater maneuverability.
  • Single joystick: This is often overlooked but a key feature. Driving the Storm allows you to make small changes to the angle of the blade as you are driving. Unlike in other scrapers with 2 handles with which you’ll often need to stop and adjust.
  • Locking blade bar: An effective blade is sharp but also flat on the floor. The ability to lock the blade in place ensures you get more production, longer lasting tooling and less damage to the substrate.
  • Tool box: Built into the back of the Storm floor stripper is a 6”x6”x24” tool box, designed to hold everything from your blades, wrench, hand grinder, gloves, safety glasses and so on. It has a rubber latch, so nothing spills out.
  • 110v on board Smart charger: Has an app that syncs with the charger and can give you real time charging history that logs the last 30 charges. Information like run time, charge time, amps & volts replaced and/or used are all extremely helpful.
  • For daily maintenance: Check for loose bolts or missing cotter pins and replace or tighten as needed. Check and ensure there are no leaks or damages from the last use. Repair if needed.







Item: Storm
Engine: 4 HP 110v Charger
Maximum speed: 250 feet/minute
Dimensions: 52″ x 25″ x 57”
Runtime: 6-10 hours
Removable weight: 550 lbs
Total weight: 2620 lbs
Item: Lightning
Engine: 25 HP Kohler Propane EFI
Maximum speed: 330 feet/minute
Dimensions: 51.5″ X 26″ x 55″
Machine without weights: 1,415 lbs
Removable weight: 670 lbs
Total weight: 2,085 lbs

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