Xtreme Hard Densifier (32 oz.)



Product Code: XHD32OZ



Xtreme Hard Concrete Densifier is a highly reactive colloidal silica-based densifying agent. The Colloidal Silica molecule has more reactive sites, so it goes to work quickly (1-2 mins). Spray it on the concrete until the surface is saturated, then agitate with a soft bristle broom. Wait until dry (45-60 mins).

New and improved Nano Technology formula penetrates deeper into the concrete. Xtreme Hard Concrete Densifier is the lowest cost concrete densifier on the market!

Xtreme Hard Concrete Densifier is a green, clean, and safe material. It’s low PH formula (approx 8.7) is safer for you to handle. Xtreme Hard Concrete Densifier emits no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and eliminates the hazardous material disposal, so it’s better for the job site and friendlier to the planet.