Specializing in Surface Prep, Floor Removal and Concrete Polishing Equipment

We have narrowed our product offerings to the best equipment available from start to finish on all of your floor removal or concrete polishing projects.

Having the contracting background as our foundation we made sure to focus on Quality, Support and Success.

Quality built equipment ensures you have less down time, easier access to parts and faster completion times. With General contractors and building owners constantly under the gun to meet deadlines and to get other trades in as soon as possible, this is an aspect that will pay some of the highest ROI.

Support is more then answering the phone. It is evaluating the scope of work, managing expectations of time frame, costs & result desired. Here at Superior Scrapers & Grinders we approach every call as if it was our crews out in the field.

Success on the job as well as planning for the future is the mindset here at SSG. We want you to get the equipment that is right for the scope of work you are doing now and what you will be bidding on in the future.


Can I rent the equipment? YES.

We understand that as you grow or expand your business you might need to rent our Ride on Floor Scrapers or Floor Grinders to get some experience or even branch into a new market with-out the high cost of purchasing and Rentals are the perfect answer.

However, with our financing programs we recommend looking into a purchase over renting when you are or anticipate doing 10,000 sq ft or more in a year in either Floor Removal, Concrete Polishing, or Surface Prep. You can find our online Credit app here.


Time for maintenance? Need parts? Want to get your equipment back on the job?

Let us help! We have certified mechanics that know and understand the equipment. Stop waisting time on the phone with a support tech that asks you questions like: “Is this a Zamboni?

Or “Propane?. We don’t work on that equipment.”

You can give us a call or Take a look at our Tips & Trouble shooting page to see if a common issue is listed and what to do about it. We also encourage you to send in a picture of the equipment and/or part so we can expedite the solution.


Our expert consultants can help you with finding the right tools!